Nov 16 2014

Lou Gherig Did Not Die of Cancer


The SBTA offers its repertory of radio productions for free download.

Not “old-time radio,” these are broadcast presentations of some of the world’s most gifted classic and contemporary playwrights: Anton Chekhov, George Bernard Shaw, Luigi Pirandello, Susan Glaspell, George Kelly, Noel Coward, Harold Pinter, Vaclav Havel, Eric Bentley, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Frank Gilroy, Jason Miller, Benjamin Bettenbender, Laura Cahill, Murray Schisgal and many others.

Each week a different radio comedy/drama will be podcast here.

Tune in! You may discover gems you never knew existed!

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Lou Gherig Did Not Die of Cancer, by Jason Miller (Comedy-Drama)

Production 4:
Lou Gherig Did Not Die of Cancer, by Jason Miller (Comedy-Drama)
Starring Danielle Aubuchon, Nancy Kawalek and Tony Miratti
[Playing Time: 47:29]

(Do nice guys finish last — in Little League??)

Jason Miller (1939-2001) was an American actor/playwright who was launched into stardom in 1973 when he received the Pulitzer Prize for his play That Championship Season. That same year he was offered the role of the troubled priest in William Friedkin’s horror film “The Exorcist”; for that performance (see accompanying photo) he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Other plays: Nobody Hears a Broken Drum (1970), Barrymore’s Ghost (2000), and our current podcast, included in Three One-Act Plays. He was the father of actor Jason Patric by first wife Linda Gleason, daughter of Jackie Gleason. At age 62, Miller died of a heart attack in his home town, Scranton, PA. Close friend actor Paul Sorvino was commissioned by the city to create a bust of Miller to honor him.


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