Jun 22 2015

The Table


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The Table, by Ida Fink (Drama)

Production 11:
The Table, by Ida Fink (Drama)

Starring William Smithers, George Backman, Sylvia Short, Stan Glenn and Louise Latham
[Playing Time: 50:51]

(They lived through Poland 1941- but will it matter?)

Ida Fink (1921-2011) was born in Zbaraz, Poland (now in the Ukraine). She spent 1941-42 in the ghetto there during the Nazi occupation, and escaped using forged identity papers. In 1957, Fink immigrated to Israel and settled in Holon, where she worked as a music librarian and an interviewer for Yad Vashem. A Scrap of Time and Other Stories (which includes “The Table”) was published in Polish in 1983. Two years later it received the first Anne Frank Prize for Literature. The English translation, by Madeline Levine and Francine Prose, appeared in 1987 and was awarded the PEN/Book-of-the-Month Club Translation Prize. In 2008, she received the Israel Prize for Literature. Ms. Finks’s short stories discuss the terrible choices, or lack thereof, that Jews faced during the Nazi period as well as the hardships that survivors faced following the war. Her other works include The Journey (1990) and Traces (1996).

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