Dec 01 2008

Directory of Cast Performances & Interviews

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      Bob Allen (Gifts of the Magi)

Danielle Aubuchon (Lou Gherig Did Not Die of Cancer •  Sorry, Wrong Number A Kind of Alaska)

George Backman (Village Wooing The Table A Song At TwilightThe Flattering Word  • Chee-Chee)         

     Bonnie Bartlett (Home)

    Ross Borden (
Larry Parks’ Day in Court)

    Petrea Bouchard (Gifts of the Magi)

    David Brainard (Larry Parks’ Day in Court)

    Jason Campbell (A Song At Twilight)

    Alvin Catacutan (Just Between Us!) 

    David Courtenay (Here We Are)

    Alison Coutts-Jordan (A Kind of Alaska)

    Mark DeAnda (Gifts of the Magi)

Gretchen Evans(Village Wooing The Siren Song of Stephen Jay Gould  The Way to Miami  A Song At Twilight  • Sorry, Wrong Number)

     Pope Freeman (The Man With the Flower in His Mouth)

Leslie Gangl-Howe (The Boor Chee-Chee)

    Stan Glenn (Larry Parks’ Day in Court The Table)

    Dan Gunther (Larry Parks’ Day in Court Sorry, Wrong Number)

    Jamie Hixon (Here We Are)

    Richard Hoag (Larry Parks’ Day in Court  Protest• Sorry, Wrong Number)

    Julie Holst (The Flattering Word)

    Frank Hotchkiss (The Flattering Word)

    Salome Jens (I Can’t Remember Anything)

Nancy Kawalek (A Way With Words  Lou Gherig Did Not Die of Cancer Home  First Love )

    Paula Kay (Gifts of the Magi)

Louise Latham (The Table Trifles• A Christmas Memory • Lord Byron’s Love Letter )

    Sofia Lauers (Just Between Us!) 

    Michael Manson (The Boor Chee-Chee)

    Braden McKinley (Larry Parks’ Day in Court Trifles)

   Tony Miratti (Lou Gherig Did Not Die of CancerLarry Parks’ Day in Court  Just Between Us!)  

    David Newton (Larry Parks’ Day in Court Trifles • Sorry, Wrong Number)

    Jean Nicol (Lord Byron’s Love Letter Sorry, Wrong Number)

    Dean Opperman (Gifts of the Magi))

John Quimby (The Production Room) (Gifts of the Magi)

    Mitchell Ryan (I Can’t Remember Anything)

Sylvia Short(The Table A Song At Twilight  Lord Byron’s Love Letter)

    Loraine Hull Smithers (Sorry, Wrong Number The Flattering Word )

    William Smithers, Producer/Director (A Way With Words The Siren Song of Stephen Jay Gould • Larry Parks’ Day in Court The Way to Miami
     The Table ProtestA Christmas Memory Lord Byron’s Love Letter Sorry, Wrong Number The Man With the Flower in His Mouth A Kind of Alaska
Just Between Us!)  

Don Stewart (A Way With Words  Larry Parks’ Day in Court • First Love Sorry, Wrong Number  Just Between Us!) 

    Leslie Ann Story (Sorry, Wrong Number  The Flattering Word)

    John Strawn (Larry Parks’ Day in Court)

    Edie Talt (Trifles Sorry, Wrong Number The Flattering Word)

Larry Williams (Trifles The Boor)

    Ted Wynn (Just Between Us!) 


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